Saturday, June 4, 2016

Summer Skin

Grab the SPF, umbrella & hide!! That's my reaction to summer. I gave it up years ago. I spent my childhood summers in pools, on swing sets, at amusement parks, just doing anything & everything I could to stay outside. Did I mention I had a fantastic tan? And the tan lines to match! SPF 4 was a thing in the 80's. Baby oil was our #1 go to when out of Coppertone Oil. Now looking at my skin- WHY did I do that.

Yes, the sun is good for us. Yes, it is relaxing for some people. Yes, the deep heat of the rays feels good. But it does take a toll on your skin. It is true, it will take years for it to show up. Prepare yourself... summer is coming to haunt you. 20 years later.

Here are 3 things everyone MUST HAVE to keep their skin beautiful this season:

Must have #1 Broad Spectrum SPF30-50. Do it. Apply it early. Apply it often. Replace it yearly. Read the package of your sunscreen. It takes 15-30 minutes for most SPF to become effective. Yes, 15-30 minutes. Waiting until you're in the sun, is giving you 15-30 minutes without any protection. Those prone to burn or with a predisposition to skin cancers need that time. Don't be fooled by SPF70 & SPF100 they are not proven to be any more effective than SPF50. Broad Spectrum is your key to good proctection. Here is some excellent information from the sources:
Know your limits in the sun. Not everyone can spend the entire day in the sun! Limit your time.

Must have #2 Hydration. Good moisturizers are essential all year. More so in summer! The sun can dry out the skin. Many who spent time in the skin will tell you their skin feels tight, gets flaky & patchy. Even the most oily of skins will be prone to dehydration after a day in the sun. You will want a hydrating serum, or gel-cream that is light weight. Hyaluronic acid is fantastic at locking moisture & very light weight. Too much sun? Aloe is very soothing & cooling. Yogurt based gels & creams will lock in moisture while cooling the heat of the burn.

Must have #3 Eye wear. The eyes are so delicate! As a child, I got a sunburn directly under my eyes, after spending hours on my raft in the ocean (I may be part fish... just keep swimming). Rays coming at me from all directions. my eyes were toast. Worst burn ever! I still blame it for my premature aging eyes. Brightly colored ZINC was the hot sunscreen then. We had it on our noses & high on our cheeks but couldn't use it that close to the eye. Luckily, they've come along way (although, I'd totally rock ZINC everyday).There are some sunscreens on the market that are safe & tested for the eye area.  You can snag one of those or your best bet will always be sunglasses & large brim hats! Here's a great list of eye area sunscreens:

Summer is colorful, the earth is alive, everything is in bloom! Get outside & enjoy it! Stay healthy.

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