Tuesday, August 30, 2016

What's with all the Baking?

We're not talking brownies here. I'm talking layers of powder on your face. This trend had taken the makeup world by storm! Companies are actually making specific tools for this technique it has become so popular. So why is everyone doing it?

Baking, what does it do? Baking is an overly generous amount of powder applied to key areas of the face for long, crease proof wear of makeup. Baking was really a stage makeup technique. Dancers, actors, drag queens, anyone under hot lights for hours at a time were known to 'bake' their makeup. No one wanted a melting face on stage.  Decades ago makeup wasn't what it is now. Most have heard the term 'grease paint'. Yeah, it was greasy! We're talking oil based. Not the cute, all skin friendly hydrating oils. Mineral Oil based makeup. It needed to be baked. The powder would absorb excess oil from the make up, essentially creating a 'seal'. A necessity for their work. Even today, baking really isn't used as much now thanks to the upgrade in formulations and an abundance of setting spray options (no more hair spray on the face.. or at least not as much lol).

Should you bake? Probably not.  Set your makeup? Yes. But dip your face into a vat of flour. NO. On that note, there is nothing in your kitchen cabinet that will make a good setting powder. Just say no...  Setting your makeup will get the job done with out the heavy look of the bake. What's the difference?  Many things. First, the products you're using. It's highly unlikely you're using products that contain mineral oil, as most companies have moved passed it. Should you find it in your products it usually a more refined version than that of decades ago and a good set will do you fine. There is no need to bake oil free foundations and concealers! If you're finding your under eye products creasing, check your skincare prep products. Are they right for your skin? How much are you using?? Not one product can be blamed for creasing. Its a team effort under there. They eye area is product texture phobic, and it's the #1 place people want to bake. The less product the better in this area. The less powder the better in this area. Heavy powder under the eye will show texture you didn't even know you had! Setting very delicately is best.

Understand your skin. If you're dry, a very delicate set in transfer zones (jawline, temples, places where we tend to rub & touch often) are where you should be setting. Baking would pull all the lovely moisture you're  trying to get back in. Delicately set your makeup.  Same for combination-oily skin. Set your oily areas a little more heavily than you do normal areas.  Like with your foundation coverage, with setting, think area rug, not wall to wall carpeting.

Choose your powder wisely. I happen to love talc free for setting. I find read softer on the skin (even when baked). No paranormal activity in photos (we've all seen & shared the memes) no matter what color the complexion. Be sure it is a SETTING powder. Not a Finishing powder. Finishing powders only change the finish of the makeup, as the name suggests. And never, never use baby powder or anything from your kitchen cabinet. No matter what you saw on youtube...

Many will try the baking trend. Some will hate it, some will be 'ehh', some will fall in love. To each their own. I just want to share the info.  Makeup is about options and feeling your best...