Friday, June 3, 2011

Makeup 'rules'?

Every day I get asked 'what should I wear?' ' What's the rule on shimmer? I 'm over 40'.' Should I have a dewy look?' 'I'm a autumn/winter/summer. What colors am I suppose to be using?'... I don't like rules. I don't follow most rules. Sticking to all the makeup "Rules" you see in every magazine and hear on TV will make you crazy & you will get bored- and fast.
Last I checked, makeup was about having fun! Creating your own look. It's taking your natural beauty & turning it up an notch. Makeup is about making you feel beautiful. Ditching the rules will set you free...
Rules you should FOLLOW:
1. Have a proper skin care routine that includes SPF. The better your skin is the less you'll need to cover, right? And always always always remember what goes on must come off. That means every night.
2. Feed & Hydrate. Inside & out. Good food in- good skin out.
3.Throw out mascara after 3 months of regular use. They are just gross & lacking in performance by that time.
4. Prime your eyes! Lashes to brow & at lower lash line. You're putting in the time & the effort to put shadows & liners on, keep them there! 
5. Have good Tools- invest in & take care of your tools.
6. Find a signature, no fail look. You never know when you'll get a last minute phone call for a fantastic night out. You need something quick & simple you know you can rock. 

Rules you should BREAK:
1.Never wear shimmer after 40. YES YOU CAN. You just have to be smart & strategic with the placement of it. Looking like a disco ball is not what your after, but some soft highlighting around the eyes, temples, brows and cheeks can give a fresh, glowing more youthful appearance to the skin.
2. Any color other than brown is not suitable for a professional office. NO. There are so many colors out there! You don't have to be wearing neon to wear color. You can find a color that suits your complexion that is soft, subtle and still COLOR. Add one color in with your everyday beige. Mix it up.
3.Always use a foundation primer. Maybe. This really depends on your skin routine. Yes primer gives foundations that silky velvety appearance & some will even make it sweat proof. If you have little to no skin concerns and if your skin if properly hydrated, you shouldn't need a primer. Many products on the market are multi-taskers- moisture + SPF + prime. Gotta love that! 
4. You can't wear powder if you have dry skin. Sure you can. Again that goes back to finding the perfect moisturizer. If the skin has enough moisture you can certainly wear a powder. It is true that most with dry skin prefer liquids. A luminizing powder would be perfect for a dry skin type.
5. You have to use everything from the same brand. This is applied mostly to skincare. While most lines within a brand are designed to work together for optimal results it is OKAY to pick & choose what products you like/ need
6. Trends are only for tweens & twenty-somethings. The trends, as seen in fashion, are usually bold, make a statement & really appeal to that age group. You can still be on trend at any age by making some adjustments. Take some of the focus of the trend, whether it be the lip color or the eye shadow & make it your own. Find hues from the trend that work with your features. The look can be far more subtle & still on trend. 
 A few things to keep in mind: Just because the person on TV, your mother, co-worker or the lady next to you on the train LOVE it, it may not be for you. Sure there is a reason it is such a sensation but not everything is for everyone. Make your own decision- is it what your looking for? Does it do what your need it to? Is it the look you really want? Are you excited to use it? What fits in your routine?
Never get discouraged when trying to find makeup. There's quite a selection. Always consider your skin type, tone, texture, texture of the product, what you want it to do for you & what the look you want really is.
It's not about anyone but you.