Friday, January 24, 2014

The Dark Shadows Know

Your skin is very telling. It glows when your happy.  Turns a rosy pink when you get excited or are feeling shy. It can look pale & lack luster when you're under the weather. Let's them know your age. It will tell everyone what you did last night.  And the skin around your eyes is an even bigger blabber mouth!

Never wear sunglasses, always squinting? Late night on the town with your friends? Spend too much time looking at a computer screen? Water- it's in soda. That counts, right?  The delicate skin around the eye is the first to show signs of aging (or a late night). It DOES need special care. Sure you CAN put your face cream around your eyes but it is not recommended... by anyone.

The eyes are the first to show lack of hydration. This appears as fine lines or flakiness. Hydration is key with all skin types. Internal hydration & external. When looking for an eye cream, take into consideration your concern. Darkness, puffiness, fine lines, preventing or all of the above. Not all eye crams are created equal. Some only address one or two of the concerns while some address them all & wash your dishes ;)  You will notice that products for darkness & puffiness tend to go hand in hand. Lack of circulation in the area is the common culprit for these. Many will have caffeine to stimulate the micro-circulation to help drain the excess fluids in the area diminishing the puff & shadow (see, there is something to tea bags on the eyes). If you are fortunate like me & inherited your shadows, caffeine does little to nothing for this. (How can you tell if you inherited your shadows? Look in a mirror. Gently press a finger on the darkest part of the shadow. When you release, if the color does not change, they are inherited. If you notice the color disappear for even a split second it is circulatory. Cool trick, eh?)  Peptides do best by adding density to the thin delicate skin. Doing so gives it extra cushion & the darkness doesn't peek through as much. Even better peptides are key for preventing & correcting fine lines. Love a good multi-tasker!

Next, look for one that will work with your skin type. Anything to heavy can cause milia (those lovely white bumps that take months to go away).  Oilier skin will want one gel or lotion based. Lighter weight doesn't mean not as potent. Just lighter weight. If your skin is balanced/ normal, go with what feels best on your skin. If it is winter a cream may be better for you & summer you may like a gel or lotion. Dry skin will love a cream texture. It wants & needs extra moisture. Dry skin will show fine lines earlier than oily due to lack of moisture. Love thy Hydration!!

Finally, application. Be gentle. They're your eyes! One of our favorite built in accessories. We love to dress them up, cover them in sparkles, define them with beautiful colors & lots & lots of mascara. Take care of them. Use all the waterproof/ long wear/ 24 hours/ not coming off in a hurricane make up you want. Use a good remover! You should have to scrub your eyes. If you're scrubbing, get a different remover! It should be doing the work not your elbows. When applying your eye cream, use gentle pressure. The ring finger is the most gentle. TAP it in- don't rub. Tip: for puffiness, try small circular motions from outside corner to in when applying to get circulation movin'!

Only let your eyes tell people what you want them to hear...

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